Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spring Cloud Services CF CLI Plugin

The Spring Cloud Services plugin for the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tool (cf CLI) adds commands for interacting with Spring Cloud Services service instances. It provides easy access to functionality relating to the Config Server and Service Registry; for example, it can be used to send values to a Config Server service instance for encryption or to list all applications registered with a Service Registry service instance.

Here is a simple example of how we can view various bound apps for a Service Registry

1. Install the CF CLI Plugin for Spring Cloud Services using the link below

$ cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community https://plugins.cloudfoundry.org

$ cf install-plugin -r CF-Community "Spring Cloud Services"

2. Now in Apps Manager UI we have a Service Registry instance with some bound micro services as shown below

3. Now we can use the SCS CF CLI Plugin to also get this information

pasapicella@pas-macbook:~$ cf service-registry-list eureka-service
Listing service registry eureka-service in org apples-pivotal-org / space scs-demo as papicella@pivotal.io...

Service instance: eureka-service
Server URL: https://eureka-fcf42b1c-6b85-444c-9a43-fee82f2c68c3.cfapps.io/

eureka app name cf app name    cf instance index zone      status
EDGE-SERVICE    edge-service   0                 cfapps.io UP
COFFEE-SERVICE  coffee-service 0                 cfapps.io UP

The full list of plugin commands are as shown in the screen shot below. 

Note: Use "cf plugins" to get this list once installed

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