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Friday, 4 January 2019

Creating a local kubectl config file for the proxy to your Kubernetes API server

On my Mac accessing the CONFIG file of kubectl exist in a painful location as follows


When using the command "kubectl proxy" and invoking the UI requires you to browse to the CONFIG file which finder doesn't expose easily. One way around this is as follows

1. Save a copy of that config file in your current directory as follows

papicella@papicella:~/temp$ cat ~/.kube/config > kubeconfig

2. Invoke "kubectl proxy" to start a UI server to your K8's cluster

papicella@papicella:~/temp$ kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on

3. Navigate to the UI using an URL as follows


4. At this point we can browse to the easily accessible TEMP directory to the file "kubeconfig" we created at step #1 and then click "Sing In" button

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