Monday, 29 October 2007

Avoiding having to enter password when invoking SQL*Plus

Back in the early days with JDeveloper you could invoke SQL*Plus without having to provide a password but now in 10g you are always promoted for a password. To get around this I simply created an "External Tools" entry which allowed me to invoke SQL*Plus without a password, his how I did this.

1. Tools -> External Tools
2. Select the "New" button
3. Leave the default option as "External Program" and press Next
4. For the "Program Executable" refer to SQL*PLus on your file system.


5. Enter in the full description which includes the username/password in the arguments text field.

(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=lnx102))) @${file.path}

Notice how I use @ to invoke the current selected file which will automatically call my SQL for me.

6. Enter your display properties and click Next
7. I normally add my integration from the navigator context menu, so select that and press Next
8. Finally associate this with SQL files and press Finish

Now when we right click on a SQL file in navigator and select the new context menu option we just created it will run that SQL file in SQL*Plus without prompting me for a password. Saves a lot of time.

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