Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Determining the RAC instance my ADF JSF application is using

I was testing ADF BC deployed applications using a RAC enabled data source setup for FCF. While I was testing I needed to know what instance in the database the ADF application module was using. To do this I simply created a dummy VO called "DetermineInstanceVO" with a simple query as follows which does not require access to v$session for example.

sys_context('userenv', 'instance_name') "Instance",
sys_context('userenv', 'server_host') "Host",
sys_context('userenv', 'service_name') "ServiceName"
from dual

With that View Object I then would execute a query on my pages and display the current RAC instance the Application Module was using.

Of course I couldn't see this being that useful in a production application but handy during the testing phase while taking RAC instances down to ensure you are routed to another RAC instance to service the request without any errors.

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