Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Partial Page Renderring (PPR) fails for commandLink within ADF Table

There are 2 ways to get this to work.

Option #1

Follow the technique shown in the blog entry below.

Dynamically-Updating JSP Graph in JSF Page

In that example the backing bean for the page illustrates how to allow an updateable UIComponent in a table to trigger partial page rendering for other elements in the page by programmatically calling the ADF Faces addPartialTarget API.

Option #2

1. Make sure the af:table containing the af:commandLink has its id set.
2. Set the PartialSubmit property for the af:commandLink to true.
3. Set the PartialTriggers property for the af:outputText to the following.


For example, if the id of the af:table is myTableId and the id for the af:commandLink is cmdTradeName, then the PartialTrigger property for the af:outputText should be set to.


Example as follows.

<af:table value="#{bindings.findAllPipelineData1.collectionModel}"
var="row" rows="#{bindings.findAllPipelineData1.rangeSize}"
emptyText="#{bindings.findAllPipelineData1.viewable ? 'No rows yet.' : 'Access Denied.'}"


<af:column sortProperty="tradeName" sortable="false"
<af:commandLink text="#{row.tradeName}" id="cmdTradeName"
partialSubmit="true" immediate="true">
<af:setActionListener from="#{row.tradeName}"
<af:outputText value="#{sessionUser.data}"

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