Thursday, 19 November 2009

Accessing the Oracle Universal Connection Pool MBean using JConsole

Now I am just tranistioning to the Oracle Universal Connection Pool I found that it has a useful MBean known as "UniversalConnectionPoolMBean" which you can view/manipulate with "jconsole" using JDK 1.6. Here is a screen shot of jconsole attached to the JVM which is has a Universal Connection Pool running within it. Once attached to the JVM access it as follows.

1. Click on the MBean tab
2. Click the + symbol for "oracle.ucp.admin.UniversalConnectionPoolMBean"
3. Click on the "Attributes" or "Methods" node and you can view/update the pool using that MBean

The javadoc for the MBean this can be found here.

In the example below I was using Oracle's UCP within a coherence cache server for write behind to an Oracle database.


John Muhlestein said...

Did you have to explicitly register the MBean with your MBeanServer, or did it happen automatically?

Pas Apicella said...

No it was done for me automatically.