Thursday, 25 February 2010

Accessing a Data Source Remotely in FMW 11g ( from JDeveloper 11g (

I needed to access a data source remotely on FMW 11g server from JDeveloper 11g. I found that to do this I needed to follow these steps.

Note: This was done using which is the latest version of FMW 11g and JDeveloper 11g

1. Edit setDomainEnv script to ensure you set this property to true. By default it's false.


2. Re-start your server to pick up the change done at step #1 above.

3. In your project add the following libraries to allow remote access and the required JDBC driver library.

  • Weblogic 10.3 Remote-Client
  • Oracle JDBC
4. From JDeveloper access your data source remotely with code as follows making sure you use your connection details and the correct JNDI name for the data source.


import java.sql.Connection;

import java.sql.SQLException;

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.Hashtable;
import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

import javax.naming.Context;
import javax.naming.InitialContext;
import javax.naming.NamingException;

import javax.sql.DataSource;

public class RemoteDataSourceAccess
private Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(this.getClass().getSimpleName());
public RemoteDataSourceAccess()

public void run ()
logger.log(Level.INFO, "Started RemoteDataSourceAccess at " + new Date());

InitialContext ctx = null;

ctx = getInitialContext();
DataSource ds = (DataSource) ctx.lookup("jdbc/scottDS");
Connection conn = (Connection) ds.getConnection();
logger.log(Level.INFO, "Got connection : " + conn);

logger.log(Level.INFO, "Auto Commit = " + conn.getAutoCommit());
catch (NamingException e)
logger.log(Level.SEVERE, "Error occurred", e);
catch (SQLException e)
logger.log(Level.SEVERE, "SQLException occurred", e);

logger.log(Level.INFO, "Ended RemoteDataSourceAccess at " + new Date());

public static InitialContext getInitialContext() throws NamingException
String JNDI_FACTORY="weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory";
String url = "t3://";
String username = "weblogic";
String password = "welcome1";

Hashtable<String,String> env = new Hashtable<String,String>();
env.put(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, username);
env.put(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, password);
env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, url);
return new InitialContext(env);

public static void main(String[] args)

RemoteDataSourceAccess test = new RemoteDataSourceAccess();;

5. Output as follows.

25/02/2010 9:22:56 AM run
INFO: Started RemoteDataSourceAccess at Thu Feb 25 09:22:56 EST 2010
25/02/2010 9:23:03 AM run
INFO: Got connection : weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialConnection_weblogic_jdbc_rmi_internal_ConnectionImpl_weblogic_jdbc_wrapper_PoolConnection_oracle_jdbc_driver_T4CConnection_1032_WLStub@1
25/02/2010 9:23:03 AM run
INFO: Auto Commit = true
25/02/2010 9:23:03 AM run
INFO: Ended RemoteDataSourceAccess at Thu Feb 25 09:23:03 EST 2010


Chris Muir said...

Hi Pas

Silly question but what's the reason for wanting to do this?


Pas Apicella said...

Lots of customers seemed to want to remotely connect to a data source from OC4J. So I was curious as to how easy this was with FMW 11g (WLS now) and apart from enabling it on the server side, it worked the same way. I also wanted to know what JAR files the client would need and it seems JDeveloper took care of that with the library "Weblogic 10.3 Remote-Client".

Personally would rather connect to the database directly using JDBC/THIN but obviously some customers were required to use a data source lookup remotely to connect to there database.

Edwin Biemond said...

Hi Chris,

I use it in standalone applications to lookup a Datasource for a JDBC connection or to add a message to AQ.

So the administrator can change these datasource and I don't need to store the username password in the Client app.

thanks Edwin