Tuesday, 6 August 2013

CloudFoundry - Managing your MYSQL database service

After deploying a simple java based application using MYSQL in CloudFoundry I found it easy enough to connect to the database it's using for my application as follows. Handy when / if I need to reset the database data or perhaps add additional data which I didn't add at deployment time.

1. Login into the public CloudFoundry instance

2. Click on your application

3. Click the manage button for the ClearDB service which is for MYSQL

4. This takes you to the ClearDB console as shown below.

5. Click on the database instance name and it takes you to a page where you can some graphs and most importantly the connect details into your MYSQL database. For that click on the TAB named "Endpoint Information". Here you find the hostname and the access credentials for the MYSQL database. In my example it is using the default MYSQL port of 3306. The screen shot is not showing the password for obvious reasons.

6. Finally use the connect details below to connect to MYSQL from a third party JDBC tool such as DBVisualizer.I am querying my CUSTOMER table which is par of my Books Web Based Application

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