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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cloud Service Brokers for AWS, Azure and GCP

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) has various cloud service brokers for all the public clouds we support which include AWS, Azure and GCP. You can download and install those service brokers on premise or off premise giving you the capability to use Cloud services where it makes sense for your on premise or off premise cloud native applications.

The three cloud service brokers are as follows:

In the example below we have a PCF install running on vSphere and it has the AWS service broker tile installed as shown by the Ops Manager UI

Once installed this PCF instance can then provision AWS services and you can do that one of two ways.

1. Using Apps Manager UI as shown below

2. Use the CF CLI tool and invoking "cf marketplace" to list the service and then "cf create-service" to actually create an instance of the service.

Once provisioned within a SPACE of PCF you can then bind and use the service from applications as you normally would to consume the service reading the VCAP_SERVICES ENV variable and essentially access AWS services from your on premise installation of PCF in the example above.

More Information

GCP service broker:

AWS service broker:

Azure service broker:

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