Wednesday, 26 December 2007 OPMN OC4J Log Files No Longer Displayed in ASC Log Files Screen

When using ASC (Application Server Console) in you could view the OPMN OC4J log files in the screen "Log Files". Starting with and above those log files no longer appear in ASC. This is due to a bug which should be fixed soon via a patchset for OAS, but for now you can easily re-enable this by following these steps.

1. Open the following file in a text editor.


2. Make the following changes.

- Go to line 105 and make the change as outlined below.

<log path="'opmn/logs/HTTP_Server~1'" componentid="'OHS'">


<log path="'opmn/logs/HTTP_Server~1.log' componentId='OHS'>

- Go to to line 116 and make the change as outlined below.




3. Save the file and restart the instance where ASC is running which is normally HOME.

Now log in ASC and when you go to the "Log Files" screen the OPMN OC4J log files will be shown under the following tree items.

- Process Manager
- redirected output/errors

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