Monday, 11 August 2008

Determining if any active HTTP Sessions exist for deployed applications in OAS 10.1.3.x

Recently I was asked how to determine if any current HTTP sessions exist for an application. The reason for needing this information was so that the application could be redeployed only when no HTTP sessions existed and the application was currently not being used. It turns out there is an MBean which can give you that information.

The Mbean is as follows:


His how to access it from the MBean browser in ASC and get the information on HTTP sessions for your deployed applications.

1. Log into ASC
2. Click on the container you wish to use.
3. Click on the link "Administration".
4. Click on the "Go To Task" icon as follows.

JMX -> System MBean Browser

5. Expand the ClassLoading node in the navigation pane, then select the singleton MBean instance.
6. Click the Operations tab in the right-hand pane, then click the executeQuery operation.

Three versions of the executeQuery operation are exposed. Click the version that takes one parameter.

7. For the value parameter enter in the following and press the "Invoke Operation" button


You will end up with output as follows which will give you the amount of HTTP sessions which currently exist for each deployed application.

** Summary at Aug 11, 2008 9:57:43 AM **

Total Sessions: 0
Total Attributes: 0
Total Session Size: 0 bytes

Largest Session: N/A
Youngest Session: N/A
Idlest Session: N/A
Oldest Session: N/A

** Details **


No active sessions


No active sessions


No active sessions


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