Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Providing logout functionailty for Secure OC4J Apps in 10.1.3.x

I recently had to determine how to logout of an OC4J 10.1.3.x application which was secured against a 3rd party LDAP server, using HTTP Basic authentication. Normally for web based applications you can control when to logout calling invalidate() from the HTTPSession object as shown below or wait until the session times out which it will then do for you automatically.


The problem here is when using HTTP basic authentication browsers typically 'cache' HTTP basic authentication credentials and re-send them when necessary.

Specifying FORM as the authentication scheme in web.xml (along with HttpSession.invalidate()) will address this issue of provinding a logout link which gives you control of when your user wants to logout. The authentication scheme chosen is depending on your requirements so if logout isn't important then HTTP basic will do, but typically I would expect HTTP basic to be used very rarely.

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