Wednesday, 30 May 2007

How to import external ejb3 components in JDeveloper for code development

When creating EJB3 components in JDeveloper 10.1.3.x the application navigator shows a nice little icon for the EJB component as a single entity. The problem is when you create your EJB3 components outside of JDeveloper and import them into the project source directory doing a refresh on the navigator will show the newly added components to the IDE but fails to visually show it as an EJB component. His how to enable this.

Note: Assuming the EJB3 component added to the project source path and are shown as Java classes in the project once a refresh is done.

1. Double click on the project to invoke the "Project Properties" dialog
2. Select the "Libraries" label on the left hand side of the dialog
3. Ensure you have the following libraries in your project, if you already had EJB3 components they will be there if not you will need them for the project to compile.

  • EJB 3.0
  • Toplink Essentials JPA
4. Select the "EJB3 Module" label on the left hand side of the dialog
5. Press the "Refresh List" button
6. Press "OK" to dismiss the dialog
7. Now refresh the application navigator for the project and you EJB3 component will be displayed with a nice little icon as though you originally created it in JDeveloper

Pas Has Landed

A product manager in the oc4j team lead me to his blog and now I have created my own. I am constantly asked questions on Jdeveloper, JDBC and OC4J so now I have landed I will share some of those here as I find time.