Monday, 6 August 2012

vFabric Data Director 2.0 - Oracle

We just released the vFabirc Data Director 2.0 product with support for Oracle. In fact this supports Oracle 10g as well 11g and will even setup OEM / dbconsole for you. Here are some screen shots of what the UI gives you with a previously created Oracle 11g instance.

Here is a base VM used to create database templates from. The base VM must contain operating system, database engine and Data Director agent before it can be converted into a database template.

We then convert the base VM into a database template and assign it to a resource pool to enable us to provision Oracle Databases from.

Now we create our Oracle Database to a previously created database group with it managed within Data Director.

Finally connect to our Oracle Database by obtaining the connect details from the UI itself and then use Oracle SQL Developer to make a connection.

Here is what we see in vSphere and how the database is added to our Resource Pool.

More Information on vFabric Data Director and support for Oracle 10g/11g can be found as follows