Thursday, 26 April 2012

vFabric Application Director

VMware vFabric Application Director is a cloud-enabled application provisioning solution that simplifies how to create and standardize application deployment topologies across cloud services. It is designed for Application Provisioning in hybrid clouds, using an open and extensible architecture.

The screen shots below show a 3 tier application topology (blueprint) modeled in Application Director as follows. It is a 3 tier application using an Apache front end load balancer with 2 tc Server middle tier VM's and a single MYSQL server back end DB tier.

Application Blueprint Page

Deployment Summary Page

Deployment Details Page

Deployment Execution Plan

VM Console Page

Registered Cloud Provider Dialog

More Information

Thursday, 12 April 2012

vFabric Application Performance Manager

VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager sets a new standard for how businesses will manage applications in the cloud. With a focus on key indicators for application performance, such as throughput, latency, hit rate and error rates, along with deep code level diagnostics, the vFabric AppInsight dashboard provides IT and development teams with a common perspective so they can work together to fix problems quickly.

Below are some examples of what AppInsight dashboard gives you. In short the AppInsight probes run on the ESXi hosts. The BCI (Byte code Instrumentation) agents gives you the code level monitoring required from your java middleware VM's so you can for example see the SQL executed for any page request so developers can easily debug code.

Main App Insight Page

Spring Travel / Oracle Application Summary At a Glance

Spring Travel / Oracle Application Topology

Note: This topology builds itself out thanks to the Application Probes running on the ESXi hosts.

Spring Travel / Oracle Application Main Summary Page

Spring Travel / Oracle Transaction Sample Page

Note: Here we can see how the BCI agent gives us the code instrumentation so you pin point where latency/errors are occurring in the actual java code.

For more information on vFabric Application Performance Manager see the link below.