Friday, 12 October 2012

Installing BCI agent with APM 1.1 with tc Server 2.7.x

If you try and install the java BCI agent into tc Server 2.7 as follows you will get an error as shown below.

vfabric@tcserver2:~$ java -jar java-agent.jar --ip --path /home/vfabric/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.7.1.RELEASE/booking/ -n
Failed to detect the server type located at /home/vfabric/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.7.1.RELEASE/booking/

In order to install the BCI agent on tcServer 2.7 you need to install it manually without providing the "-n" option as shown below.

Ensure you select "ssl" or the transport protocol and select option 11 for tc Server 2.6 given 2.7 doesn't exist at this stage.

vfabric@tcserver2:~$ java -jar java-agent.jar --ip --path /home/vfabric/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.7.1.RELEASE/booking/
Please enter Insight user name [Default:agent]: agent
Please enter Insight password [Default:insight]: insight
1: ssl
2: nio
3: nio+ssl
Please select a transport protocol [Default:ssl]: 1
Please enter the full path for the keystore file [Default:/home/vfabric/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.7.1.RELEASE/booking/agent.ks]:
Please enter the full path for the truststore file [Default:/home/vfabric/vfabric-tc-server-standard-2.7.1.RELEASE/booking/agent.ts]:
Please enter the keystore password [Default:0ac06ca35033444fb49e8862519ee61d]:
1: Tomcat 6
2: Tomcat 6 (Executable)
3: Tomcat 7
4: Tomcat 7 (Executable)
5: JBoss 5.0.1.GA
6: JBoss 5.1.0.GA
7: JBoss 6.0.0.Final
8: JBoss 6.1.0.Final
9: tc Server 2.1
10: tc Server 2.5
11: tc Server 2.6
Please select server: 11
Installing Insight agent on tc Server 2.6
Insight agent installed successfully on tc Server 2.6