Thursday, 15 March 2018

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Healthwatch for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0 on GCP

I decided to eventually install PCF Healthwatch on my Google Cloud Platform PCF 2.0 instance. Installing it is straight forward using Ops Manager UI and once installed it will look like this.

Note: This is PCF 2.0 on GCP

Once installed the application for the Web UI end point would be as follows. The login username and password is the UAA admin user . By default the property "" credential is given to this user only. You can always create a new user that has this credential role if you like.


The main page has various useful information and more then enough to show you what's happening in your PCF instance as shown below.

Clicking on any of the headings for each tile you can get more detailed information. The two screen shots below show some CF CLI command history tests like a "cf push" , "cf logs" and also what is happening within the Diego cells in terms of "Memory, Disk and the Containers" themselves.

More Information

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