Thursday, 6 September 2007

A createinstance issue to be aware of in OAS 10.1.3.x

When came out and the only way to create a new oc4j instance was to use the createinstance BAT file on windows or script on unix. Once came out you could create a new instance in ASC but I still use the createinstance script and doing so today ran into an issue as described below on OAS

1. ran a command to create a new instance as follows

createinstance -instanceName ok

2. when promoted for the password I normally use "welcome1" but this time I thought I would use a different password and when I did that the instance still got created but an execption was thrown and it failed to start it.

[SEVERE: CoreRemoteMBeanServer.fetchMBeanServerEjbRemote Error reading application-client descriptor: Error communicating with server: Lookup error: javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Not authorized; nested exception is:
javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Not authorized; nested exception is:

3. So I started it manually as follows which worked fine in the end.

opmnctl startproc process-type=ok

4. Then when I logged into ASC and tried to administer this instance the following error occurred

Unable to make a connection to OC4J instance ok on Application Server A common cause for this failure is an authentication error. The administrator password for each OC4J instance in the Cluster must be the same as the administrator password for the OC4J instance on which Application Server Control is running.

It turns out that in order for ASC to administer the OC4J instance the password must be the same password used by ASC application which in my case was the home container. This being the first time I decided to use a different password I had never seen this issue before. In the end I changed the password for my instance "ok" to be welcome1 like the "home" container so I could administer it from ASC.

The following link shows how to change the password:

I decided to change it manually using the instructions under this heading:

A.2.5 Using the Command Line to Change the oc4jadmin Password for a Remote OC4J Instance

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