Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Application Server Connection 10.1.3.x from Jdeveloper 10.1.3.x

Creating an application server connection from JDeveloper 10.1.3.x requires you to know a bit about the application server here is all you need to find out exactly what to put in the fields. If you don't know it's worth running some of these commands to avoid having to determine why the connection is failing to establish when testing it.

OPMN Remote Port

Issue the following command on the OAS server to get the OPMN port number:

> opmnctl status -port




Ensure you can ping the host by name or IP address from your machine where Jdeveloper is running. You could even try connecting using telnet should the host allow it, but normally ping is enough to verify you have a reachable host.

> telnet papicell-au2.au.oracle.com 6007

That command will tell you whether or not you can reach the host through the OPMN port remotely.

OC4J Instance Name

To determine this name you simply use a command as follows on the OAS server, which has a column known as process-type which identifies the OC4J instances you can connect to.

> opmnctl status

Connect to

Here we decide if we are connecting to a group or a single instance. A group is a collection of OC4J instances which allows you to deploy applications to a group which in turns deploys your application to every container within the group. Basically when you select the check box "group" you then need to provide a group name.

The easiest way to determine the group name is to log into ASC (Application server console) which shows you exactly what type of topology setup you have for your OAS.

Also you can use the command we used previously to get the group name as follows

> opmnctl status

This time your looking at the column ias-component which will give you the group name you want to use which identified by OC4JGroup:{name} all you need is {name} portion to use as the group name

Eg: OC4JGroup:pas_group

Hope this helps those remote connection problems you may have from JDeveloper 10.1.3.x to OAS 10.1.3.x.

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