Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Changes made in bc4j.xcfg from JDeveloper Application Module Configuration editor

The file bc4j.xcfg has various configuration parameter's which if not displayed will take on their defaults. After a recent customer visit I was asked if a default configuration parameter was added to the file and then reverted back to it's original default value is the parameter removed from the bc4j.xcfg file to ensure it can be supplied at the container level if required?

I would suspect it would but to prove that here is what I did.

1. Created a simple ADF BC project based on 1 entity and 1 view object, in this case EMP
2. Right click on the application module and select -> Configurations
3. Click the "Edit" button on your configuration
4. Click on the tab "Pooling and scalability"
5. Set the initial pool size of the "Application Pool" to 5 and press OK

The following is added to the bc4j.xcfg file.


Now if we redit the config and set the same value to 0 (which is it's default) does it remove the parameter?

The answer is yes.

Of course you can click on "Reset" button BUT that will remove all configuration parameters you set which may not be what you require.

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