Friday, 17 April 2009

How to Add Row Filtering to an af:table which wasn't setup initially for this

When you add an ADF Read Only table to a JSF page you can add "Row Filtering" to the table. Here is how to set this on a table which was not setup with "Row Filtering" and you now wish to enable it now.

1. Right click on the JSF page which contains the "af:table" and select "Go To Page Definition".
2. In the structure window right click on "Executables" and select "Insert inside executables -> search region".
3. Enter an ID as follows -> SrListQuery
4. Alter binding XML file so it adds these 3 attributes as shown.


5. Switch back to the JSF page and go to the source editor and add these 3 attributes in bold to your "af:table". You must use "SrListQuery" which is the Id for the search region executable.

var="row" rows="#{bindings.SrlistView1.rangeSize}"
emptyText="#{bindings.SrlistView1.viewable ? 'No rows yet.' : 'Access Denied.'}"
rowSelection="single" id="table"

Finally we need to determine which columns we wish to allow filtering to occur for which we do as follows

6. Select the "af:column" tag in the structure window.
7. Click on the + symbol to expand the "Behavior" options in the property inspector.
8. Set "Filterable" to "true".
9. Repeat steps 6 - 8 for each column you wish to be filterable.

Now when you switch to design view of your JSF page you should see your table which has a row on the top of the table which enables row filtering for the columns you enabled this for.


aks said...

Hi.. does this work only with 11g. I was trying with adf 10.1.3 and I could not find the option to addsearch. please help

Pas Apicella said...

Yep this entry is for 11g ADF only.

jayaram said...

Great post!!!!

Anonymous said...

excellent, thank you!

V said...

Awesome thanks!!!! Exactly looking for this..