Monday, 16 August 2010

Jetty 6.x UCP Data Source Setup

Here is how I setup Jetty 6.1 to use UCP (Universal Connection Pool) data source. Like tomcat it was a straight forward process. I have never used Jetty before so no doubt I may have put files in the wrong places but it still did work in the end.

1. Edit etc/jetty-plus.xml to add my data source config as follows.

<!-- Add a UCP DataSource -->
<New id="scott-oracle-ucp" class="">
   <New class="oracle.ucp.jdbc.PoolDataSourceImpl">
    <Set name="connectionFactoryClassName">oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource</Set>
    <Set name="inactiveConnectionTimeout">20</Set>
    <Set name="user">scott</Set>
    <Set name="password">tiger</Set>
    <Set name="URL"></Set>
    <Set name="minPoolSize">2</Set>
    <Set name="maxPoolSize">5</Set>
    <Set name="initialPoolSize">2</Set>

2. Copy ojdbc6.jar and ucp.jar into $JETTY_HOME\lib\ext directory. You can download those JAR files from here.

Note: We started Jetty using JDK 1.6 so that we could use ojdbc6.jar. 

3. Start Jetty as follows ensuring we use our jetty-plus.xml file on the startup command line.

java -jar start.jar etc/jetty.xml etc/jetty-plus.xml

4.  Now simply deploy an application which will use the data source to ensure it is created. Then use JConsole to verify indeed your using UCP as shown below.

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