Monday, 26 March 2012

Hyperic monitoring it's own Oracle repository

Below are some screen shots of what Hyperic 4.6.5 shows in regards to monitoring Oracle 11g RDBMS running on a VM running Redhat 5.7 guest OS. The database it's monitoring is the actual repository database being used by Hyperic itself. The screen shots below show the main dashboard with the Oracle 11g resource overall status as well as viewing a DB writer process for the running instance itself.

The plugin to monitor the Oracle instance is provided as one of the 80+ plugins available with Hyperic out of the box. Once the HQ agent discovers the Oracle instance we are left with simply providing the config to a DB user which has access to all data dictionary tables. The easiest way to do that is to ensure the user you connect wih has the following granted.

grant select any dictionary to {user};

To me given I own the VM / Oracle instance so I will use the system user as the user to query the data dictionary as shown below. Once setup your good to go.

For more information on vFabric Hyperic use the link below.

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