Tuesday, 15 January 2013

vFabric Gemfire 7 Monitoring Plugin (Hyperic)

Hyperic plug-in for vFabric Gemfire, manages GemFire Distributed System (DS) and the servers and services it comprises. Recenbtly a new version was released which supports GemFire 7. You can obtain it from the VMware Sulution Exchange link below.


To set GemFire 7 monitoring on Hyperic 50 the steps are as follows

  • Download plugin from link above
  • If plugin name contains version such as vfgf-plugin-1.0.M1.jar, rename to vfgf-plugin.jar.
  • Log in to HQ UI
  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Plugin Manager
  • Click Add/Update Plugins
  • Select vfgf-plugin.jar from your filesystem
  • Click Ok
  • Wait for plugin sync to complete (usually not more than a minute or two)

  • Click on Resources
  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Click on New Platform
  • Enter a name for this platform such as "Gemfire 7.0" this name must be unique in HQ Inventory
  • Optionally enter Description and Location
  • From Platform Type drop down select either "vFabric Gemfire Distributed System 7.x"
  • Choose the HQ agent you wish to monitor gemfire from in the Agent Connection drop down. (Note: If the HQ agent will be monitoring GF remotely be sure firewall allows the selected HQ agent to connect to the gemfire agent/locators)
  • Enter the IP Address of the GemFire system into IP Address
  • Enter a unique name to use in the Fully Qualified Domain Name box. 
  • Once done it should look as follows once servers have been picked up and discovered.

  • Click OK - This will add the platform to inventory. It still needs to be configured 

  • Click on Edit under Configuration Properties under the Inventory tab of the new platform you added
  • Enter in the details for the locator(s) and their ports. If there are multiple locators then separate then by a comma.
Finally when done you can save charts to the main dashboard as required.


Chris DeLashmutt said...

Thanks, Pas! Forgot to rename the plugin and was scratching my head as to why it wasn't showing up. Read your post and realized my mistake.

Chris DeLashmutt said...

Thanks, Pas!

I forgot to rename my plugin to remove the 1.0 version from it and was scratching my head as to why it didn't deploy.

Read your post and realized my mistake.