Friday, 20 December 2013

Pivotal GemFireXD provides a graphical dashboard for monitoring known as Pulse

Like GemFire 7 , GemFireXD now includes Pulse. GemFire XD Pulse is a Web Application that provides a graphical dashboard for monitoring vital, real-time health and performance of GemFire XD clusters, members, and tables.

Use Pulse to examine total memory, CPU, and disk space used by members, uptime statistics, client connections, WAN connections, query statistics, and critical notifications. Pulse communicates with a GemFire XD JMX manager to provide a complete view of your GemFire XD deployment. You can drill down from a high-level cluster view to examine individual members and tables within a member.

By default, GemFire XD Pulse runs in a Tomcat server container that is embedded in a GemFire XD JMX manager node which you can enable by starting your locator as follows.

sqlf locator start -peer-discovery-address=localhost -peer-discovery-port=41111 -jmx-manager-start=true -jmx-manager-http-port=7075 -conserve-sockets=false -client-bind-address=localhost -client-port=1527 -dir=locator -sync=false

Then you just need to start a browser, point to http://locator-ip:7075/pulse and login as "admin/admin".

Screen Shot Below.

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