Thursday, 30 October 2014

Creating a WebLogic 12c Data Source Connection to Pivotal GemFireXD 1.3

I am going to show how you would create a WebLogic data source to Pivotal GemFireXD 1.3. In this example I am using the developer edition of Weblogic which known as "Free Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.3) Zip Distribution and Installers for Developers" You can download / configure it as follows.

Note: I am assuming you have WebLogic 12C running with GemFireXD also running. I am also assuming a WLS install directory as follows with a domain called "mydomain"


1. Ensure you have the GemFireXD client driver copied into your WLS domain lib directory as follows, prior to starting WLS


2. Navigate to the WebLogic Console as follows


3. Login using your server credentials

4. From the Domain Structure tree navigate to "Services -> Data Sources"

5. Click on "New -> Generic Data Source"

6. Fill in the form as follows

Name: GemFireXD-DataSource
JNDI Name: jdbc/gemfirexd-ds
Type: Select "Other" from the drop down list box

7. Click "Next"
8. Click "Next"
9. Uncheck "Supports Global Transactions" and click next
10. Enter the following details for credentials. The GemFireXD cluster is not setup for auhentication so this is just a fake username/password to allow us to proceed.

Username: app
Password: app

11. Click "Next"
12. Enter the following CONFIG parameters for your GemFireXD Cluster

Driver Class Name: com.pivotal.gemfirexd.jdbc.ClientDriver
URL: jdbc:gemfirexd://localhost:1527/
Test Table Name: sysibm.sysdummy1

Leave the rest as their default values , it's vital you don't alter the default values here.

13. Click the "Test Configuration" button at this point to verify you can connect, if Successful you will see a message as follows

14. Click "Next"
15. Check the server you wish to target this Data Source for. If you don't do this the Data Source will not be deployed and accessible. In DEV only WLS you only have "myserver" to select.

16. Click "Finish"

It should show your all done and no re-starts are required. To access the Data Source you need to use JNDI with the path "jdbc/gemfirexd-ds"

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