Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Creating an IBM Bluemix Server Connection from Eclipse

The post below shows how to create an IBM Bluemix server connection into the USA public hosted PaaS using Eclipse. It assumes you already have an existing account setup with http://bluemix.net/

1. Ensure you have added "IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix" as shown in the marketplace installed items.

More info can be found here.


2. In the "Servers" tab click the link to create a new server and click on IBM Bluemix as shown below.

3. Click Next
4. Enter your account details, you can target the public cloud depending on the location, the default is USA based PUBLIC cloud instance

5. Click Next
6. Select the space to target for deployed applications

7. Click Finish

By clicking on the connection you can view connection attributes, plus deployed application, services, routes, memory settings plus more.

The following UTube video shows this in more detail.

IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix

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