Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bluemix CLI Installation and Use on Bluemix PUBLIC

We recently announced a seperate CLI for Bluemix known as "Bluemix CLI". You can find out more about it at the following link

The Bluemix command line interface (CLI) provides a set of commands that are grouped by namespace for users to interact with Bluemix. Some Bluemix CLI commands, which are called bx commands, are wrappers of existing cf commands, and others are unique for Bluemix. The information that follows lists all commands that are supported by Bluemix CLI and includes their names, options, usage, prerequisites, descriptions, and examples.

Download it from Here

The following shows how to use it once you installed it for you operating System.

1. Target End Point

pasapicella@pas-macbook-pro:~$ bluemix api
Invoke 'cf api'...

Setting api endpoint to

API endpoint: (API version: 2.40.0)
Not logged in. Use 'bluemix login' to log in.

2. Login as shown below

pasapicella@pas-macbook-pro:~$ bluemix login -u -p ****** -o -s dev
Invoke 'cf login -u -p ****** -o -s dev'...

API endpoint:

Targeted org

Targeted space dev

API endpoint: (API version: 2.40.0)
Space:          dev

3. Test the "bluemix info" call.

pasapicella@pas-macbook-pro:~$ bluemix info
Listing Bluemix info...

build:                      221004
region:                     us-south
version:                    2
description:                IBM Bluemix
user:                       b6c020b4-e11a-4630-a6a2-3f20fcec7f90
app_ssh_oauth_client:       ssh-proxy
logging_endpoint:           wss://
doppler_logging_endpoint:   wss://
api_version:                2.40.0
name:                       Bluemix

And my favorite which is the "bluemix list" command.

pasapicella@pas-macbook-pro:~$ bluemix list
Getting CF applications in org '' / space 'dev' as
Name                        Type             State     Instances   Memory   Disk   URLs
bluemix-apples-springboot   CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
containerbridge             CF Application   STOPPED   0/1         64M      1M
pas-bmspringboot-demo       CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
pas-dotnet-helloworld       CF Application   STARTED   1/1         256M     1G
pas-mjalbums                CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
pas-mobile-web              CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
pas-mongodb-local           CF Application   STARTED   1/1         450M     1G
pas-mysql-local             CF Application   STARTED   1/1         450M     1G
pas-postgresql-local        CF Application   STARTED   1/1         450M     1G
pas-sb-elastic              CF Application   STARTED   1/1         450M     1G
pas-SpringBootJARDemo       CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
pas-tonynode                CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G
springboot-swagger-rest     CF Application   STARTED   1/1         512M     1G

Getting services in org '' / space 'dev' as
Name                              Type               Service           Plan               Bound CF Apps                                                            Last Operation
API Management-wv                 Service Instance   API Management    APImStandardPlan
BlazeMeter-92                     Service Instance   blazemeter        free-tier
cleardb-mysql                     Service Instance   cleardb           spark              pas-SpringBootJARDemo
Cloudant-NoSQL-DB-mel-training    Service Instance   cloudantNoSQLDB   Shared
dev_elephantsql                   Service Instance   elephantsql       turtle             bluemix-apples-springboot, pas-postgresql-local, pas-SpringBootJARDemo
jhipster-postgresql               Service Instance   elephantsql       turtle
pas-mongodb                       Service Instance   mongodb           100                pas-mongodb-local
pas-mongodb-lab                   Service Instance   mongolab          sandbox
pas-mysql                         Service Instance   cleardb           spark              containerbridge, pas-mjalbums, pas-mysql-local
pas-telstrademo-cloudantNoSQLDB   Service Instance   cloudantNoSQLDB   Shared
todo-mongo-db                     Service Instance   mongolab          sandbox
Twilio-7b                         Service Instance

Getting containers in org '' / space 'dev' as
No containers were found.

Getting container groups in org '' / space 'dev' as
Name                  Type              State             Instances   Memory   URLs
pas-etherpad1         Container Group   RESIZE_FAILED     0/1         256M
pas-sb-container      Container Group   UPDATE_COMPLETE   1/1         512M
pas-mysql-container   Container Group   CREATE_COMPLETE   1/1         512M

Getting VM groups in org '' / space 'dev' as
No VM groups were found.