Monday, 25 July 2016

Telstra WIFI API Consumer on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

If you heard of Telstra WIFI API you will know it will allow you to search for WIFI Hotspots within a given radius and can be used after signing in for account at to obtain the Hotpots within a given Radius and Lat/Long location.

The WIFI API for Telstra is described at the link below.

The following application I built on Pivotal Cloud Foundry consumes this Telstra WIFI API service and using the Google Map API along with Spring Boot will show you all the WIFI Hotspots Telstra provides from a mobile device or a Web Browser at your current location. The live URL is as follows. You will need to agree to share your location and enable Location services from your browser when on a mobile device for the MAP to be of any use. Lastly this is only useful within Australia of course.

Source Code as follows:

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