Monday, 10 October 2016

Displaying Pivotal Cloud Foundry application Instances Buildpacks or Docker Images using CF CLI

I was recently asked how you could display all PCF application instances detected buildpack OR docker image being used from the command line. The CF REST API gives you all of this information and more as per the documentation below to list all applications.

This API call gives you lots of information so to filter that a fellow work college created this script to get just the output we want. You need to be logged into your PCF instance with "cf login" prior to running this script because it's using "CF CURL" rather then calling the REST API directly

guids=$(cf curl /v2/apps?q=space_guid:`cf space development --guid` | jq -r ".resources[].metadata.guid")
echo -e "App Name, Buildpack, Docker"
for guid in $guids; do
appName=$(cf curl /v2/apps/$guid/summary | jq -r ".name")
buildpack=$(cf curl /v2/apps/$guid/summary | jq -r ".detected_buildpack")
docker_image=$(cf curl /v2/apps/$guid/summary | jq -r ".docker_image")
echo -e "$appName," "$buildpack," "$docker_image"


App Name, Buildpack, Docker
guestbook-backend, null, jamesclonk/guestbook-backend:latest
springboot-docker, null, pasapples/gs-spring-boot-docker:latest
pas-albums, java-buildpack=v3.8.1-offline- java-main java-opts open-jdk-like-jre=1.8.0_91-unlimited-crypto open-jdk-like-memory-calculator=2.0.2_RELEASE spring-auto-reconfiguration=1.10.0_RELEASE, null

To use the REST API directly replace

guids=$(cf curl /v2/apps?q=space_guid:`cf space development --guid` | jq -r ".resources[].metadata.guid")


guids=$(curl -k`cf space development --guid` -X GET -H "Authorization: `cf oauth-token`" | jq -r ".resources[].metadata.guid")

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