Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Script to tally Application Instance Counts for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

I was recently asked how to determine how many application instances exist in a given ORG at a point in time. The script below can do this using CF CURL command which means you must be logged into your Pivotal Cloud Foundry instance for this to work. You can use the CF REST API itself but I find the CF CURL much easier.

CF REST API https://apidocs.cloudfoundry.org/249/

The script below is assuming an ORG name of "apples-pivotal-org" so it would make sense to pass this in as a script variable which is easy enough to do

Prior to running this script it's worth checking your current TARGET endpoints as shown below.

pasapicella@pas-macbook:~/pivotal/PCF/scripts$ cf target

API endpoint:   https://api.run.pivotal.io (API version: 2.65.0)
User:           papicella@pivotal.io
Org:            apples-pivotal-org
Space:          development


echo "AI Count for applications in a organization.."
echo ""

guids=$(cf curl /v2/apps?q=organization_guid:`cf org apples-pivotal-org --guid` | jq -r ".resources[].metadata.guid")
for guid in $guids; do
  name=$(cf curl /v2/apps/$guid | jq -r ".entity.name")
  count=$(cf curl /v2/apps/$guid | jq -r ".entity.instances")
  echo -e "App Name: $name , Instances: $count"
  total=$(( $total + $count ))

echo "-----"
echo "Total AI's = $total"
echo ""


pasapicella@pas-macbook:~/pivotal/PCF/scripts$ ./ai-count-org-details.sh
AI Count for applications in a organization..

App Name: pas-telstrawifiapi-client , Instances: 1
App Name: springboot-bootstrap-employee , Instances: 2
App Name: springboot-employee-feign-client , Instances: 1
App Name: greeting-config , Instances: 1
App Name: employee-feign-client-hystrix , Instances: 1
App Name: pas-albums , Instances: 2
App Name: pas-springboot-pcf , Instances: 2
App Name: springboot-typeahead , Instances: 1
Total AI's = 11

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