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Verifying PCF 2.0 with PAS small footprint with bosh CLI

After installing PCF 2.0 here is how you can verify your installation using the new bosh2 CLI. In this example I use "bosh2" BUT with PCF 2.0 you can actually use "bosh". bosh2 v2 existed for a while in PCF 1.12 and some previous versions while we left bosh v1

1. SSH into your ops manager VM as shown below, in this example we using GCP

2. Create an alias for your ENV as shown below

Note: You will need the bosh director IP address which you can obtain using

ubuntu@opsman-pcf:~$ bosh2 alias-env gcp -e y.y.y.y --ca-cert /var/tempest/workspaces/default/root_ca_certificate
Using environment 'y.y.y.y' as anonymous user

Name      p-bosh
UUID      3c886290-144f-4ec7-86dd-b7586b98dc3b
Version   264.4.0 (00000000)
CPI       google_cpi
Features  compiled_package_cache: disabled
          config_server: enabled
          dns: disabled
          snapshots: disabled
User      (not logged in)


3. Log in to the BOSH Director with UAA

Note: You will need the username / password for the bosh director which you can obtain as follows

ubuntu@opsman-pcf:~$ bosh2 -e gcp log-in
Email (): director
Password ():

Successfully authenticated with UAA


4. View all the VM's managed by BOSH as follows

ubuntu@opsman-pcf:~/scripts$ bosh2 -e gcp vms --column=Instance --column="Process State" --column=AZ --column="VM Type"
Using environment 'y.y.y.y' as user 'director' (bosh.*.read, openid, bosh.*.admin,, bosh.admin)

Task 65. Done

Deployment 'cf-adee3657c74c7b9a8e35'

Instance                                             Process State  AZ                      VM Type
backup-prepare/996340c7-4114-472e-b660-a5e353493fa4  running        australia-southeast1-a  micro
blobstore/cdd6fc8d-25c9-4cfb-9908-89eb0164fb80       running        australia-southeast1-a  medium.mem
compute/2dfcc046-c16a-4a36-9170-ef70d1881818         running        australia-southeast1-a  xlarge.disk
control/2f3d0bc6-9a2d-4c08-9ccc-a88bad6382a3         running        australia-southeast1-a  xlarge
database/da60f0e7-b8e3-4f8d-945d-306b267ac161        running        australia-southeast1-a  large.disk
mysql_monitor/a88331c4-1659-4fe4-b8e9-89ce4bf092fd   running        australia-southeast1-a  micro
router/276e308e-a476-4c8d-9555-21623dada492          running        australia-southeast1-a  micro

7 vms


** Few other examples **

- View all the deployments, in this example we just have the PAS small footprint tile installed so it only exists and no other bosh managed tiles xist

ubuntu@opsman-pcf:~/scripts$ bosh2 -e gcp deployments --column=name
Using environment 'y.y.y.y' as user 'director' (bosh.*.read, openid, bosh.*.admin,, bosh.admin)


1 deployments


- Run cloud check to check for issues

ubuntu@opsman-pcf:~/scripts$ bosh2 -e gcp -d cf-adee3657c74c7b9a8e35 cloud-check
Using environment 'y.y.y.y' as user 'director' (bosh.*.read, openid, bosh.*.admin,, bosh.admin)

Using deployment 'cf-adee3657c74c7b9a8e35'

Task 66

Task 66 | 04:20:52 | Scanning 7 VMs: Checking VM states (00:00:06)
Task 66 | 04:20:58 | Scanning 7 VMs: 7 OK, 0 unresponsive, 0 missing, 0 unbound (00:00:00)
Task 66 | 04:20:58 | Scanning 3 persistent disks: Looking for inactive disks (00:00:01)
Task 66 | 04:20:59 | Scanning 3 persistent disks: 3 OK, 0 missing, 0 inactive, 0 mount-info mismatch (00:00:00)

Task 66 Started  Fri Dec 29 04:20:52 UTC 2017
Task 66 Finished Fri Dec 29 04:20:59 UTC 2017
Task 66 Duration 00:00:07
Task 66 done

#  Type  Description

0 problems


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