Thursday, 30 July 2009

OFM 11g r1 Web Tier Utilities to enable OHS front end

My previous post "Installing the ADF Runtime on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gR1" showed that using the "Application Development Runtime" we can enable FMW control (EM) and hence enable our managed servers to deploy/run ADF 11g applications.

The last install you may want to consider is the "Web Tier Utilities" which gives you the ability to front end our managed servers with OHS which is OPMN managed Apache HTTP server.
Web Tier Utilities

This will allow OHS instance to act as a proxy server to the cluster and as a result of doing this you can use FMW Control to managed your domain and the OHS instance.

Once you have installed this you will run the configure wizard as follows on windows

Oracle Web Tier – Home1 -> Configure Web Tier Instance

Make sure you select the correct Weblogic admin server you wish to front end here.

The final piece here is to ensure you then configure the OHS instance to act as a proxy server to the WebLogic cluster. You do this from FMW Control itself, by right-clicking on the OHS instance and selecting Ports Configuration and mod_wl_ohs Configuration from the Administration menu. Essentially it is doing the update of mod_wl_ohs.conf for you so you don't have to manally edit that file. here is an example of what that file looks like once your done.

<IfModule weblogic_module>
DynamicServerList Off
MatchExpression /*

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