Monday, 14 September 2009

Web Services Security in OFM 11g R1

I ran 2 good blog entries for securing web services from JDeveloper 11g onto WLS 11g R1. Both these are great starting points for that and worked well. Saves a lot of time when it's all laid out step by step.

I always create my WLS domains adding Fusion Middleware Control and that then gives you the ability to test the web service from a browser as well as view some runtime statistics for the web service itself when logging into the "/em" application installed into the admin server.

The blog entry showing how to install Fusion Middleware Control into a WLS 11g R1 domain is as follows. I even started deploying from that application rather then using the traditional console application.

So in short

1. Log into em using an url as follows


2. Click on your web service application
3. If indeed web services exist in the application you will see a web services table and "Java EE Web Services" tab as shown below.

4. Click on the "Test" icon to test your web service.

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