Monday, 12 September 2016

Pivotal MySQL*Web - Web Based Spring Boot / Bootstrap Application for Pivotal MySQL tile (p-mysql)

I have been recently working on a web based interface to Pivotal MySQL Tile which can be deployed to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and bound to a p-mysql service instance for instant access to the MySQL DB. Known as PivotalMySQL*Web this is a browser based SQL tool rendered using Bootstrap UI for MySQL PCF service instances which allows you to run SQL commands and view schema objects from a browser based interface. It includes the following capabilities

  • Multiple Command SQL worksheet for DDL and DML
  • Run Explain Plan across SQL Statements
  • View/Run DDL command against Tables/Views/Indexes/Constraints
  • Command History
  • Auto Bind to Pivotal MySQL Services bound to the Application within Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Manage JDBC Connections
  • Load SQL File into SQL Worksheet from Local File System
  • SQL Worksheet with syntax highlighting support
You can read more about it as the GitHub project as follows and of course clone or fork the code if you wish and deploy it your Pivotal Cloud Foundry instance. When bound to a p-mysql service instance it will automatically connect to the instance without promoting for connect details.

I would welcome feedback here as this is a WIP which I am adding features to as often as I can

Some screen shots below

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