Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Spring Boot on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

I recently created a demo which can be used to deploy a basic Spring Boot application on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). There isn't really anything specific in the code to make this work on GCP BUT the maven pom.xml has what is required to make it one simple command to send this app to GCP.

$ mvn gcloud:deploy

You can run an App Engine application in two environments, the standard environment and the flexible environment. This is an example of Java with Spring Boot in the App Engine [Flexible Environment]. The following table summarizes some of the differences between the two environments.

Feature                     Standard environment        Flexible environment
Instance startup time       Milliseconds                Minutes
Scaling                     Manual, Basic, Automatic    Manual, Automatic
Writing to local disk       No                          Yes, ephemeral (disk initialized on each VM startup)
Customizable serving stack  No                          Yes (built by customizing a Dockerfile)
First time deployment may take several minutes. This is because App Engine Flexible environment will automatically provision a Google Compute Engine virtual machine for you behind the scenes to run this application.

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